Cocaine Powder Worth $18 Million Found Hidden Inside Unclaimed Banana Boxes in USA
Banana Photo Credit: Pixabay

US, September 24: Nearly $18 million worth of cocaine has been found hidden inside unclaimed boxes of banana, according to a report on USA Today. The information was revealed by theTexas Department of Criminal Justice. The unclaimed cocaine packets were found at the port in Freeport, who offered two pallets of the fruit to the department because no one came to claim it. Woman Officer’s Pic with Line of Cocaine on Breast Found on Boyfriend Officer’s Phone! Manchester Police Couple Caught With Drugs.

It was only when sergeants were loading up the boxes of banana, that they noticed something was different. The officers opened it up and found a bundle full of a white powdery substance hidden beneath the bananas.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents confirmed it was cocaine. All the 45 boxes were searched and around 540 packets of cocaine were found.