Coffee with Cryptocurrency! Starbucks' Partnership with Microsoft May Allow You to Use Bitcoins at Their Stores
Starbucks Coffee (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

In partnership with Microsoft, Starbucks, the most popular coffee chain will now get into the cryptocurrency business. Media reports have it that Starbucks with Microsoft and a leading global exchange on a new digital platform that will let customers use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at their store. Starbucks joining the bandwagon with Microsoft, BCG and Intercontinental Exchange and will soon launch a new company called Bakkt.

Yes! You may soon be able to buy your coffee by using cryptocurrencies after the final verdict comes through. This will help the various institutions and customers to use cryptocurrencies on a global platform.  According to bitcoin exchange guide, other retailers that have also accepted digital assets as payment are, Expedia, Shopify, and CheapAir and that Starbucks adopting cryptocurrency may help bitcoin become a mainstream currency soon.

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While there is a lot of predictions doing the rounds, this merger could really become a massive turning point for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.