Delhi: Roller Skater Performs Life-Threatening Stunts on Busy Road, Another Leans Out of Car Window; Video Goes Viral
Youth Perform Stunt on Delhi Roads (Photo Credits: Screengrab/Youtube)

Delhi, July 31: Roller Skating can be a fun thing if it is performed in an open area or the designated ground, however, it is not safe to ride it on roads as skates don't have a proper braking mechanism. A video has been going viral on the internet where a young skater can be seen performing dangerous stunts on the road while another person is leaning out of a car window.  Video of Boys Performing 'Superman Stunt' on Moving Car Goes Viral in Malaysia, Driver Arrested.

The clip, which is widely circulated on social media, shows a person skating while holding a moving car from the back. The person is also seen moving from one place to another. Not only this, but another youth is also leaning out of the car window while vehicles are moving on the road. The incident has prompted Delhi police to take action.Viral TikTok Video of Man Doing Stunt on ‘Delhi Police’ Vehicle Is Making Internet Furious!

Watch Video:

This is not the first incident of people performing live threatening stunts on road. Earlier this month, a son of south Delhi businessman was arrested for performing burnouts and other stunts at Vijay Chowk. The sports car was seen performing a few high-speed drifts before speeding towards Rajpath, forcing police to take action.