Desi Christmas Tree Decoration With Onion Pakodas! Fried Onion Bhaji Baubles Are Being Sold as Christmas Decoration Items in UK
Onion bhaji as Christmas decoration? Representational Image (Photo credits: File Image)

Come rain and almost every Indian will be tempted to gorge on pakodas or bhajiya! Onion bhajiya are a favourite snack among many people and the love has traversed across borders. But why are talking about onion bhaji in middle of winters? Well, the popularity of onion pakoras has been so much that they are being made as edible decorations for Christmas tree! Wait, what? Baubles are one of the most common decorations on a Christmas tree and edible decorations are making way online. Edible onion bhaji baubles are being sold by a food delivery company called Just Eat in the UK. Christmas 2018: Decorated Pineapples Replace Christmas Trees This Holiday Season! (View Pics).

The popularity of Christmas hasn't remained a western concept anymore. Indians too are equally awaiting the festival and many people get a Christmass tree at home and indulge in decorating it. This edible decoration is the first ever attempt at making bhaji baubles and as quirky as it sounds, that must just be the biggest selling point. These onion bhaji baubles by Just eat are made with fresh ingredients, fried in a light batter and covered in edible gold and silver, to maintain the Christmasy feel. Christmas 2018: Would You Try ‘Vagina’ Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree This Holiday Season? 

The love for Indian cuisine among the Brits is well known but edible onion bhaji baubles aren't something that even Indians would have thought of. Onion bhaji as an Indian starter dish is among the bestselling dishes on Just Eat 2018. That has prompted them to create these edible decoration items. And the innovation is already favouring the creators. According to a report in Metro, managing director at Just Eat Graham Corfield was quoted, "Our customers love ordering onion bhajis over the Christmas period. It used to be the tradition to put up chocolates, candy canes, and gingerbread biscuits on the tree, but with the launch of bhaji baubles, we’re moving edible tree decorations into the 21st century." So people can directly eat these crunchy, edible baubles off the tree.

If this has caused a craving for you to have onion pakodas then we give you a quick recipe!

How to Make Onion Pakoda or Onion Bhajiya

Winter or rain, you need no reason to have onion bhajiyas do you? So cut and stir up and make a quick snack for the evening.