Disabled Baby Armadillo Rescued From Brazil Gets Custom-Made Wheelchair to Walk Around (Watch Cute Video)
Armadillo with a wheelchair (Photo Credits: YouTube Grab)

Spotting an armadillo in the wild is rare, because their numbers are depleting due to poaching for their meat. But now there's one at a rescue centre in Brazil that is even rare to look at. An armadillo with a set of wheels! Yes, a baby armadillo who was rescued from the wild with no hind legs has got a new lease of life, thanks to the vets at a rehabilitation centre in Brazil. The paraplegic pup named Bolinha has got a custom made wheelchair, a makeshift device to help him walk. A video of the bay moving ahead with its set of new pair of legs was shared online and it indeed looks cute. Rescue Duck With Disability Gets a New Life With Customised Tiny Wheelchair in New Jersey (Watch Video).

The paraplegic pup was found in December by a motorist in South Brazil. It was suffering from malnutrition and various diseases. It was paralytic and thus could not even go in search of food. The nearing death creature was handed to vets at the Institute of Research and Rehabilitation of Marine Animals (IPRAM). They realised that the animal was severely injured and getting weak. So the vets created a makeshift device with toy wheels. The wheels were attached to spokes and strapped to the body with elastic bands. Bolinha seems to be happy with her new 'legs' and was seen walking, sniffing around in the dirt, hunting for food. Injured Wild Eastern Box Turtle at Maryland Zoo Gets Custom-Made Wheelchair Made of Legos; Watch Video.

Watch Video of Paraplegic Baby Armadillo Walking With Its Wheelchair:

Doesn't he look cute? When it was admitted to the centre, the vets took immediate care and administered medicines to the pup. Gradually it put on weight and became stronger. When the vets realised Bolinha was confident to live in its natural surroundings, they decided to give him a pair of wheels to help him move around. While he still hasn't learnt how to survive all on its own, the pup will be sent to the Reintroduction Centre for Wild Animals (Cereias) in Aracruz. He will go through the process of re-adaptation.