#DisabledPeopleAreHot Trends on Social Media With Differently-abled People Sharing Their Sexiest Pictures
Disabled people are hot is trending on social media (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Social media challenges are too common. Social media platforms are in fact a place where a variety of things can trend at a time. Several people start their own campaigns to promote and propagate some ideas. A new trend has been going viral since the last few days which promotes inclusivity of the disabled people. It is called the #disabledpeoplearehot, where differently abled people are sharing their sexiest pictures to celebrate their beauty. Along with the photos, they are also writing empowering messages, passing along strength to all those who have been differently abled for whatsoever reason. Viral Video of Wheelchair-Bound 4-Year-Old Jumping on a Trampoline Will Give You All Sorts of Feels.

Andrew Gurza, a Disability Awareness Consultant has started this trend and people have participated enthusiastically. From basic selfies to sexiest pictures are filling up the social media timelines to give out positive messages that there is nothing wrong or ugly about being a disabled person. There are a lot of stereotypes that exist in society about the differently abled. They are often looked upon as a burden, judged by their appearance and ignored. But this trend is all about acceptance as they are. US Dad Builds Igloo For Disabled Daughter, Social Media Calls Him 'Best Dad'.

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Love Who You Are

Fashion is For Us Too!

Positive Vibes Everywhere

Breaking All Stereotypes in a Go!

Sexy Back

Sexy Selfies

Going All Stylish

There are thousands of entries with all the disabled uniting to show off their problems and keep that happy smile always. People are also seen uplifting each other and proudly showing off their bodies. It is an empowering hashtag that has been spreading all good vibes.