Distracted Boyfriend Meme Remade With a Delicious Ice-cream! Twitterati Calls it A Real-Life Version of the Infamous Meme
Distracted Boyfriend Meme Remade With a Delicious Ice-cream (Photo Credits: @pjmboothang/ Twitter)

In the world of social media, memes are persistent and not all make their way for longevity. But the creation of evergreen distracted boyfriend meme which first surfaced the internet around January 2017 continues to pop in your feed now and then. The meme rightly expresses that many couples go through in their daily life- a pair walking down in the streets of Spain with the man openly staring at another woman. Recently, a girl remade the infamous meme featuring a delicious ice cream which was necessary to go viral online. And now Twitterati calls it to be a real-life-meme!

There is a slight twist to the distracted boyfriend meme as it involves three entirely new characters at a different place and a yummy-looking ice cream cone. Trishna was posing for a perfect picture during her vacation in Venice to put on her social media feed which as Buzzfeed reported was taken by her sister Deshal. Innocently she was holding her ice cream when a stranger with girlfriend hand-in-hand and casting a raised-eyebrow glance, photobombed the picture. It was natural for the netizens to notice the same outcome.

Take a look at this new distracted boyfriend meme!

Trishna told BuzzFeed News, "As we were walking along St. Mark’s Square we got some ice cream, and my sister decided it was a good photo opportunity." She continued to inform how it was supposed to be a random click but turned to a new distracted boyfriend meme. "We immediately noticed the similarity between the pic and the meme," added Trishna. However, it is unclear at which sight the man was captivated. Whether the boyfriend was looking at the girl or in the desert or at the person holding the camera or was he merely acting like a goofball?