Doctors Find Live Spider Spinning Webs Inside Chinese Man's Ear, Watch Video!
A spider was found spinning webs in patient's ear (Photo credits: Pixabay,makamuki0 Video grab)

A man from China had an experience worse than a nightmare when his doctor told him there's a spider living inside his ear. Even the doctors were left horrified when they found an eight-legged insect spinning webs inside. The man in his 60s complained about a buzzing sound in his ear and went to get himself checked in the Dalian city. The sounds would not go away and an endoscopy revealed a living spider in the patient's ear canal. The video footage from the incident is very shocking. Kansas Woman Lost All Tissues in Her Left Arm After Contracting 'Flesh-Eating Bacteria' from a Spider Bite. 

The patient, not named, complained of pounding sounds in his ear. It was very similar to a drum's beats. Doctor Cui Shulin, an ENT specialist was stunned to see a spider living in his ear's canal. The spider had spun webs even. The doctors have managed to get out the insect with the help of water sprays. The man luckily has no injuries. The patient had guessed it could have been some insect walked in, but definitely not a spider making his residence. Fourteen Cattle Worms Found in a Woman's Eye: Here Are Some Horrific Pics of Parasites Found Inside Human Body. 

The spider was staying inside at least 2 inches deep. The doctors then used flushing method to get out the creature. The person's hearing ability is also intact, and there was also no damage to the ear canal. The doctor said that he had dealt with cases of insects entering in people's ears, like a cockroach or flies but this was the first encounter with a spider, that too one that was spinning webs.