The government may not have considered whether or not sex falls into the category of things that can make you eligible for an e-pass BUT this Kerala man certainly thinks it was funny to cite sex as a reason to procure an e-pass. E-passes were made mandatory for anyone looking to enter a state in view of the rising COVID-19 cases and it has helped to restrict people from crowding public places. One even has to have an e-pass to step outside of their homes in case of an emergency. Authorities are receiving thousands of e-pass applications from citizens but this one application is s bizarre that you will ROFL. Maharashtra E-Pass: Check How to Apply for Inter-State and Inter-District Travel Pass at 

Kerala police recently received an e-pass application from a resident of Irinave in Kannur's Kannapuram who said he wanted to "go for sex" in the evening at a place in Kannur. When the police saw the unusual reason in the application, the Assistant Commissioner of Police was informed and the Valapattanam police were instructed to locate the person. However, once the person was located he was asked for the reason and that was even funnier than his e-pass application. He said that the letter was misspelled, according to a report in Kerala Kamudi.

The man said that he misspelled "six o'clock" as he wanted to go out at that time and that he wrote as go for sex. The application was submitted without realising the error. The reason did get him released by the police.  The man apologised for the error and left.

Many such incidents have taken place in the past. A photo of an e-pass application for pimple treatment went viral on social media. A person had given "Acne Pimples" as the disease name in the application and mentioned that they have "Acne/Pimple on Face and Head".  Not just that, the police have registered an FIR after it came to light that two e-passes, which are mandatory for anyone seeking to enter Himachal Pradesh, have been issued in the names of former US President Donald Trump and Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan. Both e-passes have the same mobile number and Aadhar number.

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