Farmer Creates Clothes From Pipes, Curtains, Bamboo Fans etc and Catwalks in the Streets of China (Watch Viral Video)
Farmer Creates Clothes From Pipes, Curtains, Bamboo Fans etc. (Photo credit: Youtube/ RT)

The ill-effects of plastic in the environment isn't unknown; however, there is very less being done towards the cause. Apart from the government and different organisations, people, in general, are more aware than ever about the ecological issues faces due to excessive usage of plastic, however, very whatever is being done about it isn't enough. In the fashion industry as well, we have seen various ecologically responsible companies opting for environment-friendly fabrics and dyes. However, a man recently merged the plastic waste with fashion and HOW! A farmer by profession, this man from China took a step ahead by creating costumes from scrap material. 'World's Most Beautiful Girl' at 6, Thylane Blondeau Launches Her Own Fashion Line 'Heaven May' at 17. 

As per reports, the 38-year-old farmer cum part-time designer's name is Dou Xiaogang, and he is breaking the internet by his video of him cat walking at a busy street in a costume made by waste products. He took the roads of Meishan City, in China's Southwestern Chengdu province by storm by performing catwalk at busy streets and intersections sporting his unique creations made out of utter waste products.

Take a look at the video of this farmer cat-walking sporting plastic waste.

Xiaogang is seen in the video using water pipes, bamboo fans, tyres and curtains to create quirky pieces that he wears like a complete diva!