If you have been active of social media, especially Twitter then you may have come across a video of crows gathering in huge numbers outside a supermarket. An old video has resurfaced online with false claims that the crows' attack was outside a supermarket in Saudi Arabia. While the video is surely creepy to look at and gives all the horror movies feels, we have got you a cute video of a crow. A video of a crow helping a hedgehog to cross a street is going viral on social media. And netizens have loved the cuteness, appreciating how lovely nature can be at times.

In this time of crisis, we have seen and read numerous reports of people's kindness and the help of others. But a video going viral online shows the kindness of a crow helping out a hedgehog to cross a busy street. The cute scene was captured by a motorist in Ogres, central Latvia a few days ago. When the clip found its way online, it did not take long for it to go viral. It shows the crows pecking on the backside of a hedgehog to help it move ahead from the road, which is used for vehicular movement. Crow Asks Woman in Yorkshire, 'You Alright Love?' Watch The Funny Video!

Watch The Video of Crow Helping Hedgehog Cross The Road:

The video was shared on Twitter by multiple users and the internet fell in love with the cuteness. Check some of the Twitter reactions:

So Cute!


Nature is Amazing


Heart Warming

However, some users saw this beyond help but a case of prey and predator. Some mentioned that the crow could after all be safeguarding its prey! Well, we don't know what happens later, as the hedgehog is seen by the roadside. But at first glance, it does look so cute.

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