Garba Fever! Christian Priest From Mumbai and Policemen From New York Can’t Resist Shaking a Leg to the Garba Tune
Christian Priest From Mumbai and Policemen From New York Shaking a Leg to the Garba Tune (Photo Credits: Screengrab/ Garba Fever! Christian Priest From Mumbai and Policemen From New York Can’t Resist Shaking a Leg to the Garba Tune/ Twitter/ YouTube)

It is that time of the year, when the entire nation gathers to move their legs in the tune of Garba. Navrati 2018 that began from October 10 is a treat to the devotees across. Worshipping the Goddess Durga and celebrating the win of truth over evil, the festivity witnesses’ major gatherings. With various customs and traditions, each region has its own unique way of celebrating Navratri. And the highlight during this time is the circle of ecstasy—Garba. Individuals, especially, Gujratis slay in the dance form and celebrates Navratri with great pomp and show. But, it is not just limited to any religion or particularly to our nation. Time and again, videos have surfaced on social media, where people from all over, like policemen from New York who could not resist but jump in the circle of garba. As the festival is coming to an end, the very recent would be a Christian priest in Mumbai is going viral for his flawless garba moves. Video of Special Dandiya Dance Featuring Elderly Woman Sitting on Wheelchair Will Warm Your Hearts This Navratri 2018. 

In an event, “Dandiya Dhamaka” organised by Don Bosco School in Matunga, Mumbai, the rector of the school, identified as Crispino D’Souza was praised for flaunting his accurate dancing skill in a bid to promote the event is going viral. Can people get enough of it? Naturally, no! The video which was uploaded on social media has been shared widely now on all social platforms. Navaratri 2018 Day 9 Siddhidatri Puja: Worship The Ninth Form Of Goddess Durga With Mantras This Navratri. 

Watch Christian priest at Don Bosco School, Matunga acing his garba moves!

Well, the rector, is not the only person to indulge in a bit of celebratory dancing during the occasion. Another video is doing round on the internet, where a Police officer at the United States of America in his uniform was captured dancing on the tune of garba along with a group of women donning in traditional attire.

Watch video of New York Policemen dancing garba at midnight. 

Isn’t it amazing? It turns out that the police in New York visited the spot to close down the event since it was midnight. But the troop instead made him dance. The Police officer can also be seen inviting his colleague to ace in the garba moves. And even he could not stop but indulge in the circle of festivity. One thing is for sure, that nobody can control their dancing skill the moment they hear the tune of garba. Last year, too, a video of another U.S. police was seen perfectly matching each step while doing the garba in unison. Dussehra 2018: Importance of ‘Neelkanth’; Know the Significance Behind Seeing the Indian Roller Bird on This Day. 

Watch video of U.S. police showing his garba skills in unison. 

Navratri is a grand public event, and these videos are indeed proof. People from all walks of life gather in large number at open grounds to perform the traditional dances of Dandiya Raas and Garba Raas along while singing devotional songs. It is a visual treat, that you can only see during these nine nights. So, which one did impress you the most?

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