Grounded Teen Girl Tweets From Smart Fridge After Mother Confiscates All Devices to Teach Discipline (Tweet Goes Viral)
Teen tweets from smart fridge (Photo Credits: File Image and Twitter)

Today we all are bounded by our smartphones, so being without the phone for a while feels incomplete. And nowadays, it is quite common to see every teenager having a smartphone with them. A teenage girl who had her phone confiscated by her mother has still managed to go viral on the internet through her one tweet. A 15-year-old named Dorothy used the smart fridge to keep her followers updated. She made a tweet from the family's LG Smart Refrigerator. The Side Effects of Smartphone Addiction: How Too Much Texting Can Cause Text Neck Syndrome.

Dorothy's mom managed to confiscate all of her devices, first her phone, then her Nintendo, then her Wii U gaming console. But that wasn't going to stop this 'smart' kid anyway. She decided to use the family's smart fridge and keep her followers updated. She made a tweet from the smart fridge and because her mother has been confiscating her devices time and again, she even uses the hashtag #FreeDorothy. Her tweet from the smart fridge has gone viral and we can sense the desperate urge of Dorothy to stay connected!

Check Girl's Viral Tweet From Her Smart Fridge:

Check Dorothy's Tweets From Other Devices:

Dorothy's mother confiscated all her devices and decided to discipline her. Dorothy got too distracted by her smart devices and caused a fire in the kitchen. But the girl was still distracted worried about her followers in the virtual world. Her resort to finally tweet from the smart fridge is now going viral. People also made fun that her mother will throw out the fridge next. Smartphone Addiction: College Students Prefer Being Deprived From Food Rather Than Parting Away From Phone.

Her Mom With the Fridge

Is This Real??

Why is Twitter Connected Everywhere?

The Motivation Though...

Grounded for Rest of Her Life

While it might be funny, the addiction that Dorothy has to her devices is extreme. The tweet went so viral that some netizens also gave her hope that she'd be free soon. It is still not clear though how long will Dorothy's mom be able to keep her completely grounded and away from Twitter.