Gurpurab 2019: Shabad Kirtan on the Great Wall of China Goes Viral (Watch Incredible Video)
Shabad kirtan on the Great Wall of China (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Gurpurab will be celebrated on November 12, 2019. One of the most sacred Sikh festivals, Gurpurab is also known as Guru Nanak's Prakash Utsav and Guru Nanak Dev Ji Jayanti, celebrates the birth of the first Sikh Guru and Sikhism Community in Guru Guru Nanak. The Sikhs are extremely loved all over the world for their gracious nature and service they offer to the needy. When it comes to celebrating Gurpurab, the Sikhs celebrate the festival with langar(provide food to the people in need) and often hold Shabad Kirtan, where they come together to sing hymns. The experience of listening to these beautiful songs is absolutely mesmerising. However, Gurpurab celebrations don't see borders. Since yesterday, a video of Shabad Kirtan being performed on the Great Wall of China is going viral.

The video was shared by a Twitter account that goes by the name @PedestrianPoet aka harnidh|孔知韵. Her caption read, "I was in Beijing for this Gurpurab, and had the incredible luck of experiencing this! Shabad kirtan on the Great Wall of China! That's ONE way of getting over the homesickness haha. (Langar happened at the embassy later .)" In the video, you can see a bunch of devotees singing hymns with musical instruments such as harmonium, also called a "melodeon" and tablas.

Watch Video:

People are falling in love with the video and as you can see they are recording the Shabad Kirtan on their phones as well. The woman who shared the video also posted another tweet on the same thread saying, "never thought i'd get kadha parshad in china lol", well, looks like her home-sickness is all vanished in China!