Guy Gets Chased By Chicken At Work At Indiana University, Watch Hilarious Viral Video
Boy is being chased by chicken (Photo credits: Video grab)

We use the phrase chickening out to refer someone who is frightened but would you ever think chickens could be scary? These flightless birds are domesticated by some people and there is no immediate harm from them. But a student at Purdue Fort Wayne in Indiana was chased by one chicken, so bad, that it would look like he is running for his life. A video of Boaz Marbach, a 22-year-old student being chased by a chicken is going viral on the internet. It is funny to see although Marbach looks a bit terrified. And such funny videos take no time to go viral on social media. Headless Chicken Survives For A Week After Being Decapitated, Vet Calls It 'A True Warrior'. 

The Purdue Fort Wayne has a few chickens in their compound and this one especially always runs behind Boaz Marbach. The chicken is quite fast must say. The video was shared on Twitter and has got over 3 million views. The video has been retweeted 99,000 times, so you can guess how much people are loving it to laugh on other's misery. Puppy Struggles to Save a Cock Fight, Watch Funny Video Viral From Coimbatore. 

Check Video of Chicken Running Behind a Guy at Work

People on Twitter were having a good laugh at the poor boy. Check how some of them reacted, some questioning the speed of this little bird.

The chicken's a swift

Running shoes for the win

Well, he is not the only one!

Killer chicken for sure

Funny right? How the chicken loves following him but Marbach was quoted in a report as to why he is the special one. He says, "It chases me because all the girls I work with are scared of him, so I’m forced to let him out."