Coronavirus has left people confined in their houses for good. The only effective way to battle COVID-19 outbreak is to stay at home practice self-quarantine and social distancing for the good of your own and others. However, this is making people with small business suffer a loss because people are not going out anymore. People who own a restaurant or a salon are just two examples out of so many other people who are out-of-business because of the pandemic. However, this one hairdresser from the Netherlands is not letting the situations demotivate her. The Dutch hairdresser is going viral on social media after a video of her using a unique trick to work took over the internet. To create a barrier between herself and her customers she is legit using an umbrella as her armour and has made holes into it for her arms to stick out. She has also made holes around the eye area for her to peep through it. ‘How to Cut Your Own Hair Men’ Spikes on Google Trends Amid Coronavirus Lockdown, Here Are Easy & Useful Tips to Get Haircut at Home (Watch Video Tutorial)

The stylist is almost 'wearing' the umbrella and is still styling other people's hair. She is not just using the umbrella has her apron but also disposable gloves to make sure that the physical contact is not contaminating. She works at the Bella Rosa salon in Oss, Holland and while some customers poked fun at the unique ide she used amid the coronavirus pandemic, some are just in awe of her. Shashi Tharoor Shares How to Maintain Physical Distance Between Shopkeeper & Customer When Buying Essential Commodities Amid Social Distancing During Coronavirus Pandemic. 

The video has gained over 82,000 shares on Facebook. The video was received with mixed responses. "Haha, good idea," said someone. Somebody else criticised, "Bunch of lunatics." Social media users are also making fun of her. "You're crazy," someone said. "You have an invention for everything, right. Super woman," another person said.

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