Coronavirus is what the world is talking about at the moment. The pandemic has created a sense of panic among individuals as they try to keep them safe following measures to prevent themselves from getting the deadly virus. As of now, countries with major COVID-19 cases are following strict measures to contain the spread. India, China, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, and the UK have declared lockdown. While being at home, there are many things that people are looking for to do it on their own, because shops are closed except for essential services being made available. Men are waking up in isolation, looking in the mirror and realising their hair has grown way extra and possibly missing their well-trimmed beard too. Google revealed the searches of ‘How to cut your own hair?’ has spiked over the past week. Men are specifically looking out for quick tips and tricks to be able to cut their hair while quarantining. In this article below, we have mentioned easy and useful tips, attached with tutorial video to guide you on how to cut your own hair. Dating During Coronavirus, How to Host a Virtual Happy Hour, Virtual Dinner Party & Others Are Top Google Searches During Pandemic. 

Google Searches for Spike for ‘How to Cut Your Own Hair Men’

So how you can keep on top of your hair maintenance if you can’t access salons? Hairdressers are trained for years to master the skill. This is why it is not really advised to cut your own hair at home, as there are higher chances that it may not come out as you imagined. But if desperate times call for desperate measures, there are steps to take that can help you to avoid disaster. Running a set of clippers over your own head but with a guard on the blade will not be too risky. Just make sure you are using the right grade and run the clippers over multiple times in all directions to get the perfect trim. Below, we have attached a tutorial video on how men can cut their own hair at home.

Quick and Useful Steps to Follow to Cut Your Hair:

1. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner. Clean hair is easier to work with. Dry the hair with a towel and comb it, if needed to remove any tangles.

2. Choose the size of guards onto your clippers.

3. Cut your hair against the direction of your hair growth, starting from the bottom and moving the clip upwards gradually.

4. For the back of hair, use a handled mirror to see and work slowly and steadily.

Watch Video Tutorial on How to Cut Your Hair at Home:

Staying at home might seem like a straightforward instruction to follow, but the truth is that our regular routines most likely take a bit of a battering since we cannot leave the house now. In order to keep your hair looking remotely ‘okay,’ it is a good idea to pop some regular self-trims into the diary while self-quarantining.

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