Halloween 2019 Songs' List: 'Bhoot Hoon Main' and Other Spooky Tracks You Can Play At Your Desi Halloween-Themed Party! (Watch Videos)
Bipasha Basu (Photo Credits: YouTube)

The netizens are all geared up to see the craziest looks donned this Halloween. On 31 October 2019, the social media account will be filled with spooky stories, pictures and even music. The occasion is celebrated remembering the dead across various countries, not just in the west but Asian too. We desis, have got nothing to do with this celebration honestly. However, we are also one enthusiast lot who loves to celebrate everything interesting and colourful, aren't we? Just to chip into the trend, the Halloween party is organized in India too! So, in case you are also one of those people who is just using the Indian version of Halloween party to just chill out with friends, we have got your back. Halloween 2019 Special TikTok Videos: From Dance, Makeup to Costume Ideas, TikTok Users Give You All Inspiration for The Spook Fest.

Parties are incomplete without the perfect music playlist. Even if you are not a great dancer or a music lover, you cannot really bear a bad song playlist whatsoever. So, here we bring to you a fun playlist that you can play on loop just to get into the vibe of this bash.

Bhoot Hoon Main

You probably saw this coming and you should anyway! The track from Bhoot was a total rage back then. Sunidhi Chauhan's spooky song was loved by one and all. This has to top the list, period.

Watch Bhoot Hoon Main Here:

Gumnaam Hai Koi

This song was like a nightmare as kids. Most of the kids must have used this song to scare the hell out of each other with a candle in the hand in a dark room. Lata Mangeshkar's haunting track can never get old.

Watch Gumnaam Hai Koi Here:

Yeh Shahar Hai Shanti Shanti

All the 90s kids can swear by this creepy song that also had an equally creepy character played by Ashutosh Rana. This horror film seemed a bit more spooky during childhood, especially when this song played. Play it once again!

Watch Yeh Shahar Hai Song Here:

Lori Of Death

The lyrics are actually like, "soja warna daayan kaat khayegi." Enough said! Just listen to it!

Watch Lori of Death Here:

These four songs are our pick for the Halloween day celebrations in desi style! In case you have better options, do let us and our readers know in the comments section below.