Heartbreaking Pictures of Man Digging a Grave for His Dog With the Pet Watching Go Viral; Here’s the Truth Behind the Image
Man digging his dog's grave (Photo Credits: Twitter/Franklin Hardy)

Losing one's pet is a hard phase to deal with. Most people cannot deal with the loss of their pets. However, this heartbreaking pictures of a man digging a grave for his dog with the dog beside him are going viral on the internet. However, there is a different storyline to this image, and it is not what it looks like. TV writer, Franklin Hardy, shared photos of his father digging their dog's grave because he thought was going to die, however, very soon the vet changed his diagnosis and hit them with the good news that it would be fine. In the photo, Hardy's dad can be seen standing inside grave while the dog lay on the ground watching him dig the grave, and in the second picture, the pooch is seen looking at the completely dug grave. However, soon the veterinarian came and checked on the pup and said that it was a false alarm. 'Dead' Pet Dog Crawls Out of its Grave in Russia, Owners Buried the Pooch After it Went Motionless.

Franklin Hardy shared the pictures with a caption: "The vet told my dad on the phone (??) that his dog had to be put down and he’d come to his house and do it. My dad dug the dog’s grave AND LET THE DOG WATCH. Then the vet came and checked the dog and said it was a false alarm. Oops! Dog’s fine! Everything about this is insane."

Take a look at the tweet by Franklin Hardy:

The picture received a lot of responses on Twitter, and most people are happy that he is doing fine.