Thiruvananthapuram, March 5: A class 10 Biology subject textbook of the Kerala State Syllabus is in news after it came to light that the textbook mentions premarital or extramarital sexual contact as one of the causes of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) spreading among humans. Is Masturbation The Same As Menstruation? Gujarat Textbook Hilariously Confuses The Two!

The News Minute reported that Dr Arun from Kerala's Palakkad district shared the picture of the page from the textbook which contained this piece of misinformation.

See the Page from the TextBook in the Image Below:

Kerala Class 10 Biology Textbook Image

The page has a section at the top titled "Indicators". It then has questions below the section like, "How does HIV multiply in the human body?" and pointers such as "Situations that makes AIDS fatal." However, it is the next question which asks, "What are the ways by which HIV spreads?", in response to which the textbook gives four reasons, one of them being "through premarital/extra marital sexual contact."

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