A fisherman in Far North Queensland was shocked to see a saltwater crocodile swimming alongside his boat on Monday. Robert Dunn was travelling on the Bloomfield River, north of Cairns, when he saw the four-and-a-half metre crocodile. Known to locals as Tommy, the croc pretended to a dolphin! Dunn said that Tommy was swimming underneath his boat and emerged out and began following him. Dunn said Tommy is one among the big crocodiles in the region. As the video went viral, many asked why the crocodile followed the boat like a dolphin. Turtle Gives a High-Five to Crocodile as it Swims by, Twitterati Left Eyes Popping Out (Watch Viral Video)

Nine News quoted Dunn as saying, "The first time he came up he had a little bit of a hissy fit, he had a little bit of sizzle there, they growl a lot. I was fortunate he didn't have a go at the tinny, I thought he tried to have a little crack there at one stage." Cairns Post quoted him as saying, "He came up with this growl and locked eyes with me. I was only in a 3.5metre tinny and he cruised right next to me. It was interesting. He was gaffing it for that deep water. He was sizing me up and I thought he was going to go for the tinny, but lucky he didn’t." Crocodile Attacks Swimmer in Bhopal’s Kaliasot Dam! Friend Saves His Life by Poking the Reptile With Selfie Stick, Graphic Footage Will Send Chills Down Your Spine.

Huge Crocodile Follows Boat Like a Dolphin:

However, the crocodile's behaviour is not a healthy sign according to experts. Daintree River crocodile guide David White said Tommy's behaviour was highly dangerous. He said, "That's an angry dive down, not one we usually see when they are just hiding."

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