Hurricane Sally left behind a trail of destruction after it made landfall on Wednesday near Gulf Shores, Alabama. The Category 2 Storm resulted in severe flooding in parts of the region including Florida and Mississippi. Among the many visuals of the strong winds bringing in torrential rains, there were two clips that are going viral, which brought more unwanted guests in the water. Two separate clips from the Hurricane Sally aftermath show a huge alligator swimming in the flooded water, while another showed swarms of floating fire ants on them. These videos were shared online with warnings to people of staying in and not venturing out in the flooded streets. Another picture shared by reporter showing an eel by the roadside. Hurricane Sally Unleashes Flooding Near Florida-Alabama, Hundreds Rescued.

Tina Lambert Bennett was the one to have spotted the giant alligator swimming in her property after the storm. It was estimated to be almost 11 to 12 feet long. The video was also shared by meteorologist Thomas Geboy as a warning to people of "displaced wildlife." The National Weather Service further warned of dangerous snakes that could also be in the waters. To add to the worries, one clip showed a swarm of floating fire ants into the flooded waters as a "hidden hazard". Reporter Brittany Decker of WVMT13 spotted an eel swimming by the road.

Check The Video of Alligator in Flooded Water:

Here's A Video of Floating Fire Ants:

Check Pic of Eel on Road:

All these creatures can be dangerous to humans, the ant bites resulting in a severe pus too. So people were given warnings to stay indoors until the water recedes completely. The US National Hurricane Center described Hurricance Sally as "historic and catastrophic" flooding as hundreds of thousands lose power. Some 240,000 homes and businesses had lost electricity by early Wednesday. A curfew was called in some regions as the condition became life-threatening. Heavy objects were seen flying through the air because of the strong winds. Over thousands were rescued and shifted to high altitude areas.

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