Husband Gets an Amazon Shopping Box Shaped Cake For His Shopoholic Wife, Pics Go Viral
Amazon box shape cake (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Knowing what to gift your wife is a task for every husband. For many, they do not even know the favourite things of their wife. But one husband has got it right and how that he can give other wives a reason to complain! A husband got his wife a cake of her most favourite thing, an Amazon package box. The wife clearly a shopping enthusiast was pleasantly surprised to have a box of Amazon placed on the table, but this time it was an edible one. She took to Facebook to flaunt the beautiful cake and people are loving it. The pictures are also going viral. Georgia Mother Orders Disney-Themed Cake For Daughter Who Likes 'Moana', Bakery Mishears it For Marijuana (See Pic).

Erica McGuire, a resident of North Carolina felt to be completely understood by her husband Mac when she saw the lovely cake shaped exactly into an Amazon box, with her name, bill, bar code, all intact. While talking to a website she said, "In that moment, I knew my husband 'gets me'." While some husbands may have a problem with wive's addiction to online shopping, Mac found the perfect humour in it and decided to make her birthday special. McGuire mentioned that her husband has never done something like this before, but this might be a new tradition henceforth. This Cake Cutting Hack Video is the Internet's Latest Favourite, Viral Clip Amazes Social Media Users.

Check Pics of Amazon Box Shaped Birthday Cake:

Another Facebook page called Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons shared the picture and it has got over 26,000 likes and 16,000 plus comments. While people did not just appreciate the husband for his unique idea, others praised the cake makers for creating such beautiful detailing on the cake. The cake was made by a bakery in Dunn NC and several women also expressed their wish to have the same cake for themselves. Well, guys if your girl loves shopping, here's a great idea for a birthday present.