Tianjin, January 16: Ice cream has tested positive for the novel coronavirus in China after three samples of locally produced frozen dessert were found to be contaminated in the Tianjin municipality. The contamination has left health officials scrambling to trace individuals at risk of infection. China Finds Strains of Coronavirus on Packaged Food Imported from Brazil, New Zealand and Argentina.

According to reports, around 4,836 boxes of ice cream produced by the Tianjin Daqiaodao Food Company have been found contaminated with the virus. Of 4,836 boxes, 2,089 have been sealed in storage. COVID-19 on Frozen Food? Wuhan Authorities Find Coronavirus on Three Imported Frozen Food Packaging Samples.

Some 1,812 boxes were dispatched and 935 entered markets but only 65 were sold, according to China Daily. Authorities said that shoppers who brought the product should record their movement so potential infections could be traced.

Reports suggested that the company produced ice cream using raw materials, including whey powder imported from Ukraine and milk powder imported from New Zealand.

The company's 1,662 employees have been ordered into self-isolation. They also underwent COVID-19 test on Thursday.

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