Mumbai, January 7: Every now and then, a video emerges from the wildlife that only goes viral but also wins hearts of the people. There's something about them wild animals that keeps us humans enthralled. In a similar video, a lion can be seen befriending a dog instead of intimidating the canine, in a manner that is bound to win the hearts of those who come across the clip.

The Instagram page "doglover_s", in one of its many adorable posts, shows the bonhomie shared by a lion and the dog when the two come face to face. While everyone believed the lion to scare away the doggy in his way, the lion, quite unexpectedly, starts shaking the hand of the dog present there, to everyone's surprise.


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The video has close to 5.8 million views and over 3000 comments. One of the comments narrated the story behind the video and the its protagonists. A handle with username "accatz" claimed to have visited them and said that the dog is named Camilla and the lion Mikki. "I visited them in 2018. As I remember- While Camilla and Mikki were a bonded pair and best friends, Eddie later decided they would be better off with their own kind and so Mikki was introduced to a small group of other lions and Camilla with other dogs. Later, Camilla was adopted by a supporter of BJWT and shortly thereafter it was discovered that she had cancer. Camilla died knowing she was loved.♥️" read a comment by the user.

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