Level Up Challenge With Cats and Dogs Jumping Over Walls Made of Toilet Paper Rolls Has Netizens Questioning People About Hoarding Excessive Toilet Papers
Level up pet challenge (Photo Credits: Instagram)

It's the quarantine phase almost all over the world, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. And a lot of social media challenges are emerging over social media as a way to deal with the boredom. Some are playing bingo online, others are participating in different challenges. The latest fun trend going viral on the internet is Level Up challenge, which involves pets. In this, people are making walls of toilet paper rolls, and making their pets jump over it. So the levels increase one by one of the walls, and the pets have to jump on it. Of course, not every pet can make it to the other side but the result is funny! This challenge also brings into notice how so many people have been hoarding toilet papers in the time of COVID 19 crisis. Coronavirus Scare: Australian Shoppers Have Serious Fights Over Buying Toiler Paper, Watch Videos of #ToiletPaperPanic.

A social media challenge by the same name was trending back in the year 2018 when Ciara released her song "Level Up." It was a dance challenge, people showing off their moves on the upbeat track. Now the challenge is trending again but it has little to do with dance. The level up refers to the new level of toilet paper walls. The pets have to jump over them, until they disturb the rolls. Some of them are amazing, others struggle to get through, but the result is funny. Naked Challenge Goes Viral on TikTok amid Quarantine! Videos of People Surprising Their Partners by Going Nude Has the Most EPIC Reactions!

Check Some Funny Videos on #LevelUpChallenge:

True Champ Doing it Back and Forth!


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Not One But Two Together!


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That Dog Just Flew!


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That Wall Fall Was Fun


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Gave Up Too Soon?


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Such Cute Peek-a-boo!



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Pet owners are really having fun, making their pets jump over the toilet paper walls. But it has also brought to notice, another problem of toilet paper hoarding. A lot of people have commented on videos asking if this is why toilet paper rolls are being bought in bulk. One person wrote, "now i know what people need all the toilet paper for." Another commented, "You guys have too much TP".

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, a toilet paper crisis is seen in many countries with people panic buying tissue and toilet rolls. These videos show people have so many toilet paper rolls in their homes. So while the videos seem cute, it also brings into notice, how many of toilet papers people have bought!