Washington D.C. , February 2: The LGBTQI community is completely stoked as Apple is expected to bring in a new batch of around 117 emojis. According to New York Post, the reason for this excitement is that the new update would include symbols associated with the LGBTQI identity, such as a gender-neutral bathroom sign, trans flag, gender-neutral Santa and the trans symbol.

Many people took to Twitter for expressing their joy about this new development.One user Tweeted: "TRANS FLAG EMOJI TRANS FLAG EMOJI NEW INCLUSIVE WEDDING EMOJIS INCLUSIVE PARENT EMOJIS IM GOING BONKERS I LOVE THIS.

"The LGBT organisation GLAAD also tweeted the link of an article about the new emojis, with the caption: "The trans flag and other inclusive emoji are being added for 2020. What other emoji do you want to see added?"