Longing to Squeeze Butts While Lying on Bed? Now You Can Have Booty Shaped Pillow to Fulfil Your Desires
Buttress pillow. (Photo Credit: Instagram/The Buttress Pillow)

For the people who love to hold on soft butts while sleeping, a company has come up with new pillows that are in the shape of human buttocks. A man from the US has created something like a butt pillow for people to rest their heads on. Called the 'Buttress Pillow, this pillow is designed in the shape of butt so realistic that you won't be able to make out the difference. This campaign began last year, and now it is available for people to purchase online. In this innovative era, we have seen so many imaginations, wishes and desires come true, so, people longing for a butt squeeze while lying on the bed, you can now have it easily without any fuss. Breast Packs & Butt Masks! Do We Really Need Beauty Products For Our Private Parts?

Their website says: "Since the beginning of time man has desired the butt. So round, so soft, so bootylicious. The ancient human mission has always been to claim that booty. However, this mission takes time, well-tailored texts, and Netflix, and so the eternal struggle goes on...until today."

They further describe in the clip on their website, "Introducing the Buttress Pillow. Scientists have created a butt without the extra expensive maintenance, the incomprehensible mood changes, or the gas. Soft, comfortable, all natural, it has surpassed 90 percent of all human butts in both shape and function. On this historical day, we mark the dawn of a new age, a time when everyone can feel the peace and happiness of butts - butts for all. Claim your booty."

Take a look at some of the pictures of the buttress pillow-

The Buttress pillow with undies-

The product is said to be "100 per cent biodegradable, enviro-friendly and ethically made."