Madonna Uses Sex Toy On Her Face? Fans Left Surprised After Singer Puts Up a Video With Beauty Roller To Prevent Ageing
Madonna using the beauty roller (Photo credits: Instagram)

Pop singer Madonna is sure to shock everyone and how. The 60-year-old singer is ageing like fine wine and recently revealed a little secret, which left more people baffled than impressed. The Queen of Pop is not new to bizarre videos but in one video to promote her own beauty brand MDNA Skin, she was seen using a beauty roller, which looked more like a sex toy, to say the least! Her fans were left surprised to see Madonna holding and rolling something like a dildo on her face, to promote skin rejuvenation. World's Most Expensive Sex Toy Costs USD 1.3 Million, Know What Are Some Other Expensive Sex Toys And How They Work! 

Madonna turned 60 this year and she is the one who has always pushed her limits, be it with her performances on stage or looking gorgeous. The singer was recently endorsing what she calls a 'Skin rejuvenator.' Eager to show it to the world, she uploaded a video of using it and users lost their calm. The device has two ball-like structures meant for cleansing the skin. The exact product description on the website reads, "an all-in-one device that features two specially designed heads, one for removing impurities and the other for infusing the skin with beauty ingredients." But well, it appears very much like a sex toy. Don't believe us? Watch the video yourself. Jewellery or Vibrator? Unbound, A Sex-Toy Company Makes Ornaments That Lets You Masturbate Even at Work! 

Watch Madonna's Video of Beauty Roller by MDNA Skin

Calling it her secret of face and body contouring, Madonna rolls the device on to her face and neck and says it helps to tone and tighten her skin. It could be her secret but users were left bewildered with its shape and resemblance to being a kinky device. One of them called it a "sophisticated dildo," and several others compared it with a sex toy. The songstress has been putting up pictures of her using the product for a while now and she introduced it to everyone with her latest commercial. But more people were left questioning the purpose of the beauty roller with its bizarre shape.