A fugitive cockatiel, Smidge who had escaped his cage was tracked down after he was heard whistling The Addams Family theme. The bird was heard humming the “signature” tune in a tree in nearby farmland. Six-month-old Smidge escaped from his travel cage which was accidentally left open by his owner Rhys Owen, in Hoylake, Merseyside, on Tuesday. To get him back, Mr Owen drove around his estate playing the show's theme "on full blast", which he says is the bird's "favourite song". However, the plan was not successful. Smidge had learned the theme tune of the 1964 TV adaptation of The Addams Family, written by Hollywood film and television composer Vic Mizzy. Scared Emu on The Run Refuses to go Home! Pet Bird Named Ethel Evades Authorities in South Yorkshire, Owner Makes Plea to Help Her Get Back Home!

The owner put up a post on social media about the missing bird and soon a local farmer spotted it. Owen said he was "in shock" after the cockatiel flew away while he was trying to put it in his car. Talking about the bird, Owen was quoted as saying, "I watched him in slow motion going away. He sings The Addams Family - that's his favourite song - so I put it on full blast in my car and blare it out and drive around the estate, all the windows down, hoping to get him back." Incredible! Photograph of Parakeets Returning Home at Sunset Looks Like Thousands of Them Flying Together, Check Viral Pic of Bird Trail.

He added, "Apparently the chances of finding a cockatiel are very slim so we were heartbroken. We thought he had disappeared so when I got him, it was like finding your kid, it was amazing." Owens said he has now got a new travel cage so Smidge can travel with him to his work at a gym.

Cockatiels are native to Australia and people bred them in captivity as they are good pets. They can easily be taught to sing some melodies and mimic human words and phrases. They can also imitate certain human or environmental sounds without being taught and even replicate mobile phone ringtones.

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