Do you often sit by your window on evenings and just look at the birds that are flying back home. If you stay in a high rise or have a terrace, you can catch up on the birds returning home as the sun starts setting. And we have seen numerous pictures of flying birds making a nice silhouette against the backdrop of setting sun. You must have seen them forming a line as they fly together. But a photographer's perspective of parakeets returning back home is incredible. A photographer named Aditya Kanitkar from Pune shared a beautiful composite picture of parrots/parakeets returning back home at sunset. The track of each bird has been carefully captured and merged along. The final image definitely looks like a thousands of them flying together! Harbhajan Singh Shares Incredible Video of Large Flock of Birds Flying, ‘Birds Are Enjoying in Pollution-Free Environment’, Says Veteran Indian Off-Spinner.

Most birds follow a flying pattern, and you may have commonly seen of a V shape that they form in the sky. Pune-based photographer Aditya Kanitkar decided to use a little of trick and make an image of the bird trails. Using a merge, his final image looks like more than a thousand birds returning back home. If you are much into the apocalyptic scenes, then it may even look like a bird apocalypse in the rising, as if a thousands of them are heading to attack a common enemy. The beautiful picture is going viral on social media and people are loving it. Flamingos Flock to Mumbai During Lockdown, Watch Videos of Thousands of Beautiful Birds Turning the City Pink!

Check The Photograph Here:

Wow, lovely, isn't it? Even the light colours of the sky and the flying pattern. People have left praises in the comments as well. Now if you are wondering were there really so many birds, then no. But the number of trails you see also suggests there were a lot of them. Each path is of one single bird and it has been captured as a time lapse image. The final photo is a composite picture. But brilliant concept, right? It is one of those wonders of nature, that we see regularly.

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