A video of a monkey saving her baby which got stuck on cable wires have gone viral on social media platforms. It shows the older monkey sitting at the edge of the roof of a building so that it can get hold of the baby. After multiple attempts, the older monkey manages to jump on the wire, get hold of her baby and pounce back to the building. The video is now being shared widely on Twitter after the video by Zubin Ashara was posted on Twitter by IFS officer, Parveen Kaswan with the title, "A rescue operation by mother. How can it fail?" People praised the monkey's attempt and were reminded of the beautiful love of a mother. Monkey Spotted Flying Kite on Top of Building in Video Going Viral Amid Lockdown.

Initially, the monkey can be seen going here and there in a bid to save her baby but with zero effects. Meanwhile, the baby monkey can be seen dangling on the wires trying to get a grip of it. She can be seen trying to pounce onto the wire multiple times. Once she does, but fails to get a grip of it and jumps back. After waiting for some more time, the monkey jumps to the wire again and gets hold of her baby and jumps back to the building.

Monkey Rescues Baby:

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The Beautiful Love of a Mother:

True Love!

As the video went viral people commented on how a mother will never let go off her child and that the instinct is the same in both animals and humans. One of the comments read, "A mother will do anything to save her kid." Meanwhile, some joked that the baby monkey would have surely got beaten for getting stuck.

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