Most Stylist or Most Ridiculous Bride-Groom Entry at a Wedding Reception? Video of Couple Flying and Landing on Bird Cage Goes Viral
The bride and groom entered on bird like cage (Photo credits: Video grab)

Indian weddings are turning extravagant with each passing day. Earlier specific to only the traditional rites and rituals, over time there is a lot of glitz and fancy stuff added to the special occasion. Wedding photography has also become an attractive norm, followed by almost all couples today. The entry of the bride and groom is one of the most sought-after moments in the entire wedding function. Arriving on the horse, in a lavish car, or in a floral frame can be called the conventional ways of making an entry given the new techniques people are adopting. Creativity is flowing in weird ways sometimes, as people look for innovative and stylish methods of entry. A couple recently made their entry for reception from the sky, from a bird-like carriage, with an eagle design on top. Brazilian Bride Escapes as the Helicopter Carrying Her Burst into Flames, Continues With the Wedding Ceremony: Watch Video.

The bride and groom were in the center of a cage-like structure. The structure had a huge eagle statue on top and when the couple neared the ground of the venue, there were fireworks from the edges of the cage. All eyes, undoubtedly on the grand entry from the sky, it was quite a spectacle to see. A Twitter user shared the video on his profile and since then, it is going viral.

Take a look at the couple's entry from a bird-like cage for their wedding reception:

At first glance, it does look funny with the Hindi classic song, Baharon Phool Barsao playing in the background. No sooner, the video was shared, there were a lot of mixed reactions to it. But most of the people found it ridiculous and called it a waste of money. The video has got some funny responses.

No explanation

Mere show off!

Make it unlawful was one suggestion

We quite agree with what the users have to say. While the monetary aspect is their choice, there is no safety gear on them or even attached. This could have proved to be very dangerous for not only them but also the guests present at the venue. The bursting of firecrackers as they near the ground is also very dangerous. Indian weddings are sure going out of the way to be fancier but turning into a show of foolishness. What do you think about this video? Did you fancy it or do you too agree it is a waste of money?