Mukbang Videos: Young Women Get Rich Eating Delicious Food on Social Media As We Watch in Hunger…Penniless
Mukbang Videos (Photo Credits: YouTube)

While vlogging and YouTubing changed the way of earning money and also becoming popular, there are in fact more and more evolutions in the field that you may witness. Women these days are earning a considerable amount of money by filming themselves eating a large amount of money by eating a massive amount of food in front of their cameras. While turning a bizarre social eating trend into profitable careers these women hogging foods enough to feed a family in one sitting and minting money. The bizarre Korean craze called mukbang wherein women are getting lots of views on their videos of binge eating. This, in turn, causes them to get advertisers and people offering donations. Many of the Australian women are also trying this new trend out while there are thousands of women who are already earning off this unique style. People like Tannar Eacott rake up more than 500,000 views on a video of her eating KFC.

Take a look at a picture of eating with Kim:


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Originating from the South Korean, The term "mukbang" comes "meok-bang" which means "broadcast eating." Usually, these women spend hours at a time in front of a camera consuming as much food as they can in one sitting. The earn money via advertisements, from fans, sponsors and donations. They usually eat fried chicken, noodles, pizza, burger or any other kind of food they like

Take a look at one of many such videos:

Who doesn't want to mint money by eating lovely food? More and more people are earning this way these days as money is really good. Sometimes they get paid way more than what a day time job would pay. Just like a Seoul woman called Park Seo-yeon who quit her day job so she could focus all her time on live streaming herself eating a whole lot of food seated comfortably at her place. She was earning approximately more than $10,000 a month