The ongoing pandemic which led countries to go under lockdown has gripped us all. Students are especially hit by the coronavirus lockdown. In India, many exams have been cancelled in view of the prevailing situation. Likewise, Mumbai University also decided to conduct examinations for the last semester students only. The DGPIR Maharashtra today (May 8, 2020) in a webinar have reported that the Third Year candidates will only give exams, and this applies to all courses in the final semester. The students in all previous semesters will be promoted. The moment the announcement made to the headlines, students took to Twitter to express their joy as their exams got cancelled. Meanwhile, the MU TY candidates are definitely not happy and way too jealous from the juniors. The FY and SY students have taken to Twitter and filled their timelines with funny memes and jokes after the varsity’s decision. Universities in Maharashtra to Conduct Only Final Year Examinations for 2020, All Other Students to Be Promoted Without Exams. 

Exams are a significant part of growing up. No matter how much we love reading and studying, when your teacher announces the class test you have been preparing for got cancelled, there is another level cheer inside the classroom. And when major examinations like the University semester exams get cancel, you tend to be happy. At this moment, the Mumbai University FY and SY students desperately want to dance their heart out, celebrating with their friends. But social distancing and lockdown are in place; hence the smart candidates took to Twitter sharing their happiness and make seniors more jealous.

Here Come the Memes!

Please Tell Us TY

Very Seriously!


Yes, Please #GoCorona!

Meanwhile, TY Students on Twitter!

Please Explain!

You Wish!

Can't Even!

TY students can be upset right now, but the exams are significant for them because, it is the final year of their graduation. You need to perform well to achieve your career goals. The Maharashtra government said, the final year exams will be held between July 1 and July 30, 2020, the dates will be announced depending on the lockdown. So, students, start your preparation!

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