North Korean Defectors Throw Bottles of Food And Cash Along With K-Pop Into Sea, Hoping it Will Reach Their Country
(Photo Credits: Pixabay/Representative Image)

Plastic bottles filled with rice, medicines, money and USBs of K-pop is what is being sent to North Korea from South Korea. North Korean defectors are throwing these bottles into the sea flowing towards their homeland. North Korea political prisoner Jung Gwang-il and some other activists tossed these bottles into the sea from an island hoping the sea tide will take it to North Korea.

This development comes as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the South's president Moon Jae-in agreed to "completely cease all hostile acts" along the Demilitarized Zone from May 1, including loudspeaker broadcasts and leaflet balloon launches. The high-decibel loudspeakers have been playing K-pop music and South Korean news towards the North's border troops.

The defectors have been throwing these loaded bottles into the sea for the past two years. While there is no proper way to ensure the items have reached the countrymen, these activists do it twice every month. Jung said that South coastguards told him that the bottles are generally retrieved by North Korean fishing boats. Jung said that one thing Jong hates is people of the country becoming aware of the reality.

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US activist Susan Scholte told AFP that Seoul's move was a "huge mistake". She said, "I think anyway that you can get information in should be increased, not diminished. Any information that you can get into North Korea is a peaceful, non-violent way to bring about awareness and change."