Old Lady Ill-Treated by Mumbai Local Commuters Turns Out to Be an Ex-Hockey Player and Model Who Now Teaches Poor Kids
(Photo Credits: Never Fear To Speak The Truth Twitter)

Don't we end up judging almost everyone we meet on daily basis? We try and give a label to everyone who passes our way. From their clothes, hair, make-up, shoes, accessories, the way they talk all goes through our tough scrutiny. We judge, brand them under a category and see them only through our judgemental eyes. Here's the story of a woman which will make you think twice before judging anyone by their outer appearance. A Twitter handle 'Never Fear To Speak The Truth' in a series of tweets have written the story of a woman who donned many hats in the past but hardly gets any respect today.

Dipika, a Mumbai local commuter shared the woman's story on social media. She was commuting from Churchgate to Virar when she met an old lady. People wouldn't let her sit next to them due to her worn-out clothes, messy hair and an overflowing bag of clothes. People acted as if there was no place, but finally, after Deepika's persuasion, they let her sit.  That is when the two women spoke and a box of stories came out.

Read her story below:

She has worked at multiple respectable places and continues to as we look down at her. Ivy was a state level hockey player, certified bilangular at French embassy of India and a part-time model. She continued the journey of life and struggled through even after the death of her husband and daughter. Ivy has not let old age come in the way of her work or being empathetic towards people. She travels at peak hours from Virar to Bandra to teach underprivileged children.

We are quick to judge people by their outer appearances in the nick of a second and write them off in our heads. Let this story inspire us to not look beyond physical attributes and moreover be kind to strangers and old people. Like Ellen DeGeneres says: 'Be kind to one another'.

Update: It was later found out that all the tall claims about the old woman is FAKE. Read here to get the latest news on the following matter