Viral Story of the Old Woman in the Mumbai Local Being an Ex-Hockey Player and Model Is FAKE!
(Photo Credits: Never Fear To Speak The Truth Twitter)

Mumbai, July 31: Over the last one week, you must have come across a viral Facebook post of a woman sharing her touching experience which she had in a Churchgate-bound local train with a senior citizen. According to the recent Mid Day report, all the tall claims made in the viral post about the woman is fake.

In a particular social media thread shared by Empowering Goa, the commuter Dipika shared her story of how she met an 'iron lady' who is a Virar resident named Ivy Pinto, with whom others misbehaved, just by looking at her clothes and appearance. She mentioned that people wouldn't let her sit next to them due to her worn-out clothes, messy hair and an overflowing bag of clothes. The story made all our heads hang in shame and reminded us of the numerous times when we have judged a booked by its cover.

The post further said that it was only when she was having a conversation with the septuagenarian lady, that the latter shared that she had worked at multiple respectable places- she was not just a state level hockey player, a certified bilangular at French embassy of India and a part-time model. She even continued the journey of life and struggled through even after the death of her husband and daughter.

However, according to the report, the newspaper got in touch with Pinto, and the latter denied that she was not a state level hockey player, or has ever worked in an embassy. She also dismissed claims of being a model or travelling from Virar to Bandra daily to teach kids.