In the age of Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, nothing is hidden from the consumers and things go viral in no time. And this time, pictures of bizarre ‘pig-human hybrid baby’ are going viral on social media. According to reports, a mother pig in Kenya has given birth to a strange human-like creature. The pictures are circulating not only in India but also in other countries across the globe. True or False? It is absolutely false. The truth is busted by fake news debunker Hoax Slayer. The bizarre creature is a silicon sculpture created by the Italian artist Maganuco Laira.

The images used in the hoax reports come from the artist’s Etsy store. In the photographs, the sculpture has been staged for effect in a farmyard setting, complete with mother pig picture. In the Etsy listing for the baby pig hybrid, the artist describes it as, ‘This piece a set of silicones, arts and other details in silicone paste is an acetic silicone made in moldable paste through a body and head process. They are super soft platinum silicone.’

Viral Pics of Fake Pig-Human Hybrid Baby

The Italian artist has created a whole collection of strange and unusual creatures which she sells via her Etsy shop. Maganuco also shared her artwork on her Instagram profile and videos and photos of the same on her Facebook page, announcing the work for sale. If you wished to purchase this sculpture, you maybe a little too late now. It has already been sold.

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