As coronavirus lockdown has confined people to their homes, animals and birds have started taking over places which were once crowded by humans. Last month, pink flamingos were spotted plenty near Navi Mumbai following the lockdown. The pink beauties were seen near Seawoods Complex in Nerul. Now, as per the latest reports, thousands of flamingos were spotted flocking to the city of Mumbai. The videos which are being widely shared on Twitter shows thousands of flamingos create a sea of pink. It is indeed a beautiful sight and we are sure the videos don't do any justice to nature's real beauty. Every year thousands of flamingos migrate to Mumbai. Pride of Lions Spotted Sleeping on Road in South Africa's Kruger National Park During Coronavirus Lockdown (See Pictures)

Ex-navy officer Harinder S Sikka who shared the video of flamingos in Navi Mumbai wrote on Twitter, "Mysterious ways of Nature? Mumbai backwaters, as seen from Seawoods Complex in Nerul. Every year 100s of pink flamingos migrate to this spot. But this year, numbers are truly spectacular. It’s mystery, sitting 1000s of miles away, how did flamingos come to know about the change?"  Civet in Kerala to Dolphins And Swans in Italy, Watch Videos of Animals And Birds Roaming Freely During Coronavirus Lockdown.

Pink Flamingos in Navi Mumbai:

Again, videos emerged showings thousands of the migratory birds turning the city pink. Its ethereal! The fascinating scenario was captured on May 1, 2020.

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As people continue to be at homes due to the coronavirus, there is an increase in the number of wild animals and birds frequenting cities. While peacocks were found in South Bombay's Parsi colony, dolphins were spotted off Mumbai coast earlier last month.

Flamingos are known for their stilt type legs, pink feathers, and S-shape neck. Every year flamingos migrate to Sewri mudflat in Mumbai, however this year they seem to be more in numbers. Thousands of greater and lesser flamingos migrate from Kutch to Mumbai. Their pinkish colour comes from the pigments in the shrimp and algae they feed on. Reportedly, between 30,000 and 40,000 of the large pink birds arrived in Maharashtra.

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