Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant Video Ad Gets 100 Million Views for This Emotional Story of a Mother Suffering From Motor Neuron Disease
Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant (Photo Credits: YouTube screenshot)

Mumbai, September 26: Samsung has released a new online video titled 'Voice Forever' which is a beautiful story of a mother and daughter. The video showcases the emotional journey of a mother, who is suffering from Motor Neuron Disease (MND), and how she tries to preserve her voice with the help of Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant. Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 First Online Sale Tomorrow on Flipkart; Price, Offers, Variants, Features & Specifications.

Not many are aware of this disease, but MND patients lose their ability to move and speak, and in this film, the mother preserves her voice, so that her family members don't feel a void even when she has lost her ability to speak.

The film has successfully managed to create a lot of positive noise on social media and it has garnered 100 million views on YouTube.

Watch the emotional film here

Bixby is a voice-powered digital assistant developed by Samsung. It is an artificial intelligence system that is designed to make device interaction easier and specifically to avoid the complexity of increasingly fully-featured devices. The technology development involves understanding Sonal needs, recording her voice, synthesising it and converting her voice into the voice of Bixby on a Samsung Smartphone.

Samsung and Asha Ek Hope foundation, India's first registered non-profit NGO supporting people with MND, are developing the first personalized AI Voice assistant for Sonal (Her name has been changed), so that her voice can live forever.