Indian weddings are a great place to get content that may go viral. We have seen bride working on her laptop on thier big day and we've also seen to-be couples get into fights during stage warmala ceremony BUT this time it is something so weird that is going viral on Twitter. A video of a cameraman gets to close to the bride while taking some shots and then gets beaten up by the groom for doing so. However, that is not it. On seeing that the bride cannot control her laughter and is seen rolling on the floor as she tries contains her chuckles. The video is now going viral and fans are totally obsessed with the bride's reaction. Marriage Food Delivery At Doorstep! Innovative Wedding Trend Goes Viral; From Zoom Calls to Bride-Groom Masks, How Big Fat Indian Weddings Adapt to Social Distancing as New Normal

In the video, the bride can be seen laughing hysterically as she sees the groom take a shot at the cameraman to seemed to be in the form that day and went ahead to even touch the bride as he takes close up shots of the bride. The obviously jealous groom didn't seem to have thought twice before hitting the cameraperson.

Indian Bride Laughs Uncontrollably as Groom Beats up Cameraman for Getting Too Comfortable With Her:

This reminds us of A 2018 video, that is a perfect example of all the on-stage drama that takes place in Indian weddings. Among the many rituals, the custom of wearing garland to your partner is very important one, marking the marriage ceremony as fulfilled. And it is also a very common practice to pick up the bride as well as the groom during the wearing of garlands. But this particular video from a wedding is quite shocking as the exciting moments of a typical Hindu marriage ceremony goes too far!

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