The Indian wedding season of 2020 is in full bloom as almost everyday you have someone in the know, getting engaged, married or making 'Save the Date' announcements. Right after the festival of Diwali, people began to take their new step towards a new life. A lot of people had to postpone their weddings amid the Coronavirus lockdown. Now that things are going back to normal, the "Big Fat Indian Weddings" go to small and socially distant occasions. Amid the emerging trends of weddings in 2020, a new one catches the eye. It is a service of marriage food delivery at doorstep! The idea is to attend the wedding online over video call and the food of the wedding will be delivered to you at your home. Innovative, right?

The new concept of marriage food delivery at doorstep was shared on Twitter by user named Shivani. There are pictures of a wedding invite, along with food that has been delivered in baskets. There's also a detailed guide to show what all it includes and where it belongs on the plate (in here, a banana leaf) so that the traditional essence of it still remains. Well, for some, attending weddings have been all about the food, right? With this trend coming up, you won't be missing that too. Social Distancing Haldi Ceremony: Video of Family Members Using Paint Roller to Apply Turmeric Paste on the Bride-to-Be to Follow COVID-19 Guidelines Is the Hilarious Sight of a Pandemic.

Check The Pics of Marriage Food Delivery Concept:

Some people have really loved the innovation and also the thought behind it. While others joked, that this would leave out little scope for the wedding crashers. With an arrangement like this, at least the one shown in pictures, there would be little or no wastage and the packing also looks eco-friendly. People are loving it! Now, we cannot not think of the other ways that the Indian weddings changed in this year of pandemic.

Wedding Masks:

With masks becoming a must, designer masks became a piece of fashion. Face masks that would match the bride and groom's outfits were in the market. Some jewellers went ahead to design gold and diamond-studded ones. Facemasks with 'Team Bride' and 'Team Groom' are also seen in many weddings for the guests today.

Digital/Zoom Weddings:

Earlier, only those staying abroad, unable to be present at the wedding would join in or Skype or video call for a wedding function. And now even living in another city, digital weddings are the new normal. Attending wedding functions virtually is another way to maintain social distance and yet feel your presence at the occasion. Wedding planners are also giving their services where in they take care of the entire hosting a virtual ceremony. You just give them a guest list and they look after all the technical aspects.

We have seen some couples going to the extreme to get married within a pandemic. Recently, a couple who contracted COVID-19 decided to go ahead and tie the knot by wearing PPE Kits. So we have seen these extremes too. But overall, the big fat Indian weddings have to a great extent toned down to adapt to this new normal of social distancing.

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