Single On Valentine's Day? Gather to Shout 'Apna Time Ayega' at Connaught Place in Delhi on February 14
Apna Time Ayega event in Delhi (Photo Credits: Facebook)

For all single people, the month of February is like a nightmare. With a showery display of love everywhere for the oncoming Valentine's Day 2019, single people feel miserable. For most singles, it has become no less than a cringe-worthy event. While those who have a girlfriend/ boyfriend are busy making plans to spend the day of love with much enthusiasm, singles are making plans to keep themselves away and busy from the lack of love in their lives. Love fills the air with displays of gifts, roses, hearts everywhere and the same can get suffocating for the single people. But then to express all your frustration there is a special event happening for the singles in Delhi. All are invited to shout 'Apna Time Ayega' the popular track from Ranveer Singh's upcoming film Gully Boy. On the late afternoon of Valentine's Day 2019 on February 14, singles are invited at Connaught Place in Delhi to shout 'Apna Time Ayega.' Valentine’s Day 2019: This is the App You’ll Need on February 14 if You Are Still Single! 

The first track from Gully Boy has become immensely popular and seems to have filled people with positivity. Some people on Facebook have created this event after seeing a successful response for their event of shouting 'Thain Thain' on the day of Diwali. Well, you can never really predict the people on the internet and an enthusiastic audience. So here instead of crying on singlehood, you'd rather get together and boost everyone with a confidence that even your time will come to get the love of your life. Gift Your Ex A Cockroach After Their Name on Valentine's Day 2019 For Just 1.50 Pound.

The event 'Shout "Apna time Aaega" at CP to celebrate Single Valentines Day' has been created on Facebook. The event will start at 4 PM and go on till 7 PM. They want to celebrate singlehood on the day of love. Are you among the ones who would love to join along and shout out?