Small Plane Crash Lands on Top of Tree in Idaho, Firefighters Rescue Pilot (Watch Video)
Small plane crash on top of tree (Photo Credits: YouTube)

A pilot crash-landed an aeroplane on top of a tree in an Idaho field on Monday. McCall Fire & EMS responded to a report of a plane crash in Poorman Creek, a few miles out of McCall up Boulder Lake Road. McCall Firefighters found the 79-year-old pilot John Gregory sitting on the Piper Cub PA-18 aircraft stuck on the 60-feet-tree and was rescued safely. The pilot had lost control over the plane and flew into a tree a few miles east of McCall Airport, located 100 miles north of Boise. A McCall Fire and EMS firefighter said that they were able to communicate with the pilot during the rescue operation. Saudi Plane Forced to Return Immediately After Take-Off As Mother Forgets Baby at Airport.

McCall firefighter, Randy Acker climbed the tree, secured the plane and then contacted the pilot. He was able to use the safety harness on the pilot, and brought him down to safety. While, a piece of the plane's propeller and one of its wheels fell to the ground, the rest of the plane remains intact on the tree. However, as it could easily fall to the ground, the Valley County Sheriff's Office is asking the public to stay away from the crash scene. Chinese Man Throws Coins Into Lucky Air Plane's Engine Hoping For a Safe Flight, Airline Sues Him.

The plane continues to sit atop the tree:

Acker said, "Those wings were perfectly centred over the top of the tree. I've never seen anything like this happen. Just glad I was able to help." Officials are trying to determine how the plane can be removed from the tree without causing much damage to the tree. The pilot only had minor injuries. The rescue team was impressed that the incident didn't cause any big damage.