A larger section of the world still views people into males and females addressed with he and she. It is very recently after years of awareness movements that a pronoun of they/them is added in forms or to refer someone. While the social stigma surrounding people of queer still continue, a Standford University professor's email to a non-binary student has impressed everyone. The German professor wrote an email to the student to help decide on a pronoun they would like to be addressed with since the language is very gendered. The student shared a screenshot of the email and netizens are overwhelmed with such heartwarming inclusivity shown by the professor. Merriam Webster Adds 'They' As Gender-Neutral Pronoun to The Lexicon Days After Singer Sam Smith Declares Himself Non-Binary.

Twitter user Ugur identifies by the pronoun they. The professor noticed it in their English classes and wanted to make them comfortable in the German class. The professor wrote an email to ask how they want to be addressed in class, adding that German is a very gendered language. The email also mentions of finding a solution that works for the student along with a link to an article that can serve some help to the problem. Ugur shared the wonderful email with everyone on social media and people are impressed with the loving consideration of the professor. Within a day, the tweet has crossed over a lakh likes and 10,000 plus retweets. Best Excuse Ever? Girl Requests Retest After Meatball Accidentally Falls on Her Keyboard And Logs Out, Professor Agrees!

Check The Tweet Here:

People are impressed by the professor and expressed how it warms their heart to see such acceptance. Others have shared similar experiences before. Check some reactions:

So Thoughtful

Deserves an Award

Best Teacher Ever

Wanting to Study German at Standford


Heart is Melting

Some people are crying with happy tears at the professor's consideration for this student. It is indeed very thoughtful plus adding a link to help out and understand what works also makes it so comfortable. Some expressed the desire to join Standford and study the language just so they could learn from this professor. Such love and fondness!

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