We are in a pandemic, and many of our regular activities have gone virtual to avoid contracting the virus that has infected millions across the world. One of those many activities would be online classes. Students are now attending online classes, and they have fewer excuse to escape lectures. However, some students are getting more creative in a bid to bunk online classes, and staging kidnapping seems to be very common. A video of a student went viral who staged a fake kidnapping to skip online classes. The 23-second clip has garnered millions of views online. But if you think that is the only video, you are in for some surprise as this seemingly has become a trend among students—faking their kidnapping! Robbers Break Into Student’s Home During Her Online Zoom Class, Get Arrested After Participants Call Police. 

A Twitter user shared a short clip that shows a professor talking about “moving paragraphs around,” when two masked, hooded men walk into a student’s room. They grab him and drag him out of the room. The professor, in shock, paused for a moment and asked the students, “Did you just see Tyler get kidnapped?” He adds, “Do we need to call the police?” It would have been quite believable, but the rest of the classmates continued to giggle into their hands. #StopOnlineClasses Funny Memes and Jokes Take Over Twitter, Students in Pause Mode for Virtual Classes As They Make Their Pleas Heard With Hilarious Reactions!

Watch the Video Here:

The video has insanely gone viral and made social media users laugh their heart out. But this is not the only clip going viral. There are more clips where students are seen staging their kidnapping to escape lectures, and it appears like this is a new trend among them during the pandemic.

Here's Another Video:

Same Energy!

While it is understandable that virtual lectures are not as fun as face to face lectures, it is moments like this, which makes it memorable. Whenever things are back to normal, it will surely be these little things that probably students would miss the most. Bottom line, we all need such friends who would always help us whenever we need them, even if it is to bunk classes!

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