‘There’s a Rat in the Toilet’: How a Twitter User Made Everyone Realise They Had THIS Primal Fear
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Getting a Goodnight sleep is important for your mood and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. But is it always possible? Recently, people encountering reptiles mainly snakes resting in their toilet have scared the bejesus out of them. And why not? After a stressful day, nobody wants uninvited guests, relaxing in the toilet, at least. Since these incidents have spread made the news, you must notably check your toilet, before you sit to pee, especially at night. Don’t you? A Twitter user, who shared one such incident, “There’s a Rat in the Toilet,” made everyone realise they had THIS primal fear. Snake Bit an Australian Woman’s Butt in the Toilet, Here’s What Happened Next!

Twitter user, Nicole Cliffe gave many a phobia they did not realise they had. In a tweet, she detailed a recent incident of how one of her children found a rat, inside their toilet. “Half an hour after the kids went to bed, one of them came to Steve in the kitchen and said they couldn’t poop bc there was a rat in their toilet,” writes Cliffe, stressing on “Reader, there was a rat in their toilet.” Rats making their way to the toilets is not an anomaly. They can sweep up the sewer lines, landing into your toilet bowls, especially if the sewage system is old. And so can snakes, lizards and many other reptiles. Python Slithers into Indian-Style Commode; Mumbai Resident Faints After Spotting It. 

Here's the Viral Tweet:

Readers, who are always habituated with this act now, shared their horrific stories, while most noted how it could be a phobia, they never knew they had.


Hisssing Toilet!

Oh, God!

Always Look Before You Sit Down


Theirs is Still Alive & Pet

Silent Phobia

Those, who have never built up this habit, until now, will forever check their toilet bowls before sitting down to pee or do their business. Do you take a look at the toilet before sitting down?