This Angry Mum's 'Flying Chappal' at Her Daughter is Well Received on The Internet, Check Funny Video From Mexico
Mum throws flip-flop at her daughter (Photo Credits: YouTube grab)

We Indians don't just use the phrase of 'flying chappal' casually. We use it because at one point we have been at the threat of getting beaten with a chappal or some of us have even experienced it. At that point, it may have been a severe insult, but we knew we were at fault. Today, we keep joking about it and still not most of us would dare to face our mother's wrath. But Indian mothers' hitting technique seems to have reached abroad. A video is going viral on the internet which shows a furious mother from Mexico hurling a flip-flop at her daughter who was running away. And what's incredible is her aim at it! The flip-flop or chappal (as we are more comfortable) flew across 30 meters to exactly hit her daughter. The internet is totally amused by this video going viral on the internet. Woman Tries to Fill Petrol in 'Electric' Tesla Car, Funny Video Of Confused Blonde From US Goes Viral.

We do not know the exact situation here but we can totally relate. The daughter probably had a fight with her mom and was just running away. The mother was furious and while her daughter continued to run, she had the flip-flop on her hand which she aimed too perfectly. As soon as the chappal hit the daughter, she fell on the ground. The video footage stops there with some laughter in the background. A Video of Mother Putting Son’s Head In Toilet Goes Viral; Twitter Is Enraged (Watch Video).

Watch Video of Angry Mother Throwing Chappal at Her Daughter 

Desis can you relate? The video has been liked over 60,000 times and retweeted more than 25,000 times. People on the internet too had some funny reactions to it.

Mother's Aim is Perfect


Way to go Mom!

The girl too would not have been expecting her mother's aim would be so perfect. But nevertheless, we hope she got her lesson. Meanwhile, some people on the internet have even commented that the mother should be a part of the Olympic game of 'chanclazo volador' (flying flip-flop). Are you too planning on enrolling your mother's name here?