Woman Tries to Fill Petrol in 'Electric' Tesla Car, Funny Video Of Confused Blonde From US Goes Viral
Woman trying to fill Tesla with petrol (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

There are enough stereotypes with women taking to the wheels. While women who love driving are too good at it, not all are very interested in learning about automobiles. A woman in the US has become an amusement on the internet with her lack of basic knowledge about the car she was driving. Driving an electric Tesla, she reached a petrol pump and spent minutes finding how to fill petrol. A group of friends who were behind her at the gas station have shot her video and it has gone viral. The woman was clearly confounded about where to fill the gas until one of the guys told her its an electric car. Brand New Rs 4.5 Crore Worth Ferrari Destroyed in Seconds As Woman Loses Control, Watch Video.

The Tesla S model is an electric vehicle which runs on a floor-mounted battery. The woman who was driving probably forgot about it completely and reached the gas station. She tried hard to find the fuel nozzle and at a point even tried to insert the fuel pump into the electric charging port. Her confusion went on for 2-3 minutes and made an attempt to call someone for her help. One of the guys from the car behind stepped down and told her its an electric car. The woman took it in jest and thanked him.

Watch Funny Video of Woman Trying to Fuel Electric Tesla Car

The video was uploaded on Facebook and YouTube and has garnered lakhs of views online. While some have already tagged her as a blonde, someone else has commented about how did she even reach the gas pump. Well, a genuine doubt. Another expressed the disastrous possibility if she would actually pour some petrol onto the charging points. The three-minute video has been shared many times and making people laugh. Probably it wasn't her car and she was too used to filling gas from the station, that she did such a goof-up.